Major Breakthrough in Free Energy

Is there a real break-through in free energy, well Hope Girl seems to think so. This is from a post on
Please give it a read and see if this is something you would like… We are planning to get one to help our small community of people who are interested in free energy.


Almost everything we use requires a form of industrialized energy. We need it to grow food, transport goods, create materials, and communicate. The cost of producing this energy is factored in to the price of everything we purchase. 80-90% of ALL our income is spent on producing energy.

To produce this energy we rape the earth by blowing things up, burning excessive amounts of limited resources, and creating massive waste and pollution. We do this because we only use one form of energy producing system: a closed system. These systems were created by design to require an excessive amount of expensive and wasteful fossil fuels in order to produce energy.

There is another type of system called an open system. Many have never heard of open systems, and this too is by design. Information about open systems, the laws of nature and “free energy” was purposefully removed from our educational system over 100 years ago. This removal was perpetrated by JP Morgan, Thomas Edison, and others in order to ensure we would continue to pay for the fossil fuels required by the closed systems that we use in every energy producing system we have today.


In the QEG, resonance is created by modulating the inductance in the core’s primary (or secondary) windings with the spinning rotor. This induces a voltage in the coils which then starts a massive electromechanical resonance, which then builds up even more high voltage through the piezoelectric effect of the mechanical resonance (vibration). This voltage can be as high as 25,000 volts (25kV), with the frequency determined by the tank capacitor value. The generator performance is then optimized to a first tuning level, where the basic power output is maximized. This is the raw power available, and we have seen as much as 20,000 VARs. This is known as Volt-Amperes Reactive, analogous to Watts but used when rating reactive AC power. The raw, reactive power must now be converted to RMS power, at 50 or 60 Hz, for the generator to run itself (self-looping) and provide power in the form useable to power your home. There is also a second level of tuning using the exciter coil, grounds, and antenna. For this step, the exciter coil is tuned to 1.3MHz, and used as a form of receiver, to bring additional energy into the QEG core from the energy that is freely available in earth’s atmosphere. Tesla would prefer to call this an accumulation of power rather than a generation of power, as the machine is accumulating energy that is already in the air around us.

The victory of resonance has already been achieved in several QEG’s around the world in the last two months since opensourcing the technology. This is demonstrated in the links below.

Resonance in Pennsylvania
Resonance in Taiwan
Resonance in Morocco
Resonance in Germany
Resonance in Orlando (video coming soon!)

To further explain what it is that you are seeing in these videos, there is a 1.5 horsepower motor that is plugged into the wall. The only purpose of this motor is to spin the rotor inside of the generator. The motor does not provide enough power or proper function to light up the light bulbs. Once the generator hits resonance (you can hear the distinctive sound) the generator is then providing electrical power which is demonstrated by lighting up the light bulbs. Don’t let its size fool you! The resonance in the generator core accumulates a tremendous amount of power as demonstrated in the QEG overunity video below. It’s enough to power your entire home.

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Interview with Kevin Annett: Pope Francis and Head Jesuits possible resignation and covert responses from media to Common Law Court

Kevin Annett: Pope Francis, Vatican, Jesuits create public acts and media statements covertly responding to the Common Law Court trial

VANCOUVER, BC – In a wide-ranging interview with Joshua JD Lemmens of and Alfred Lambremont Webre of ExopoliticsTV, Kevin Annett, field Secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, discusses how Pope Francis, the Vatican, and the Jesuit hierarchy create public acts and media statements covertly responding to the Common Law Court trial in which they are defendants.


Alfred Webre

Alfred Webre


UK Soldier – Prisoner of Conscience – For just asking questions

Posted from Catterick Garrison Gazette

Posted from Catterick Garrison Gazette

Posted from Catterick  Garrison Gazette

Posted from Catterick
Garrison Gazette

The new tactic against those who ask questions or speak out is – “Psychiatric Commitment.” URGENT ASSISTANCE REQUEST. A UK Grenadier soldier was unlawfully committed to mental hospital for 6 months for asking questions about Queen’s status under Common Law court. Cunningham has been persecuted, institutionalized for discussing common law arrest warrants against Elizabeth Windsor.

STAFFORDSHIRE, UK May 9, 2014- UK Grenadier soldier Vivian Cunningham has been committed to 6 months in a mental hospital for asking lawful questions about the status of UK Queen Elizabeth II under the International Common Law Court of Justice Grenadier Cunningham is requesting assistance from extended family; friends and supporters. He has also expressed his appreciation of the assistance given to him by Kevin Annet from ITCCS.
Cunningham has been committed under the notorious “Fixated Threat” law, which criminalizes opinion in England, and classifies the criticism of any political figure as a mental disorder.

Stafford, England, May 7, 2014, 4 pm GMT

Vivian Cunningham, a serving soldier in the Irish Guards Regiment in Aldershot, Hampshire, has been detained, institutionalized and drugged against his will for mentioning to a senior officer the Common Law arrest warrants against convicted felon Elizabeth Windsor (aka “Queen Elizabeth”).

Guardsman Cunningham is presently being detained without his consent for six months at the mental care unit of St. George’s Hospital in Stafford (ph: 44 01785 25788). He has been injected with olanzapine, an atypical anti-psychotic drug, under the orders of a Captain Murrell (ph: 44 07909686198) and Doctors Khan and Sema.

Recently, Guardsman Cunningham reported to Captain Murrell the existence of the standing arrest warrant against Windsor, and her lawful conviction for crimes against humanity. According to Cunningham, Capt. Murrell responded by saying “Yes I believe the evidence you have shown me, but is it ok if you attend a medical assessment to make sure you are ok?”. Cunningham agreed, and was then committed with a diagnosis of having suffered an “acute psychotic episode”.

Clearly, Cunningham has been committed under the notorious “Fixated Threat” law, which criminalizes opinion in England, and classifies the criticism of any political figure as a mental disorder.

The ITCCS Executive states categorically that Guardsman Vivian Cunningham has been targeted by the British Crown for his circulating of evidence of Elizabeth Windsor’s guilt under the law. Cunningham’s persecution is directly related to the present Common Law Court’s investigation of the British Crown and members of the “royal family” for child trafficking and murder.

The ITCCS Executive therefore calls upon all of its global affiliates and British members to protest at St. George’s hospital in Stafford, and phone the facility and Capt. Murrell to demand an explanation for Cunningham’s incarceration. Protests and occupations will commence at British embassies and businesses around the world, and will continue until Vivian Cunnigham is released unconditionally.

Soldier detained under the mental health act for sharing his concerns regarding arrest warrants that have been issued against the queen, with his senior Captain Murrell of the Irish Guard in Aldershot.

Guardsman Vivian Cunningham was in the Jamaica defence force from 2004 – 2007, he came to the UK with the 1st Battalion Jamaica Regiment to perform public duties in London. He respected the British Army so much he chose to join as a Guardsman in the Irish Guard.

He was described by his superiors as being of good character and good at keeping up team morale.

Vivian is being forcibly medicated and detained at St Georges hospital in Stafford, who already have a recent poor reputation in the press, they have taken his phone and limited his phone calls to family only knowing that he has no immediate family in the UK.

They have refused him contact with his appointed common law representative, they say there’s no such thing.
Social services have deported his distraught 6 year old daughter to Jamaica.

They are currently holding a private tribunal hearing to decide if Vivian should remain in their ‘care’ for another 6 months.

Vivian has been sacked from the army and is left with no address to be discharged from hospital to.

He desperately needs our help and support to get him released and reunited with his daughter.

Please forward your complaints to any and all of the following:
Neil Carr – chief executive
South Stafford and Shropshire healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.
Trust Headquarters

St Georges Hospital. Corporation St. Stafford. Shropshire. ST16 3AG England
Tel: 01785 257 888
Email: and

Pauline Hall, health records supervisor
Tel; 01785 887 695
Email: and

Captain Murrell
Tel: 07770 802 720

Anna Soubry MP
Parliamentary under secretary of state and minister for defence personnel welfare and veterans.

Vivian Cunningham is hereby declared a prisoner of conscience in England by the ITCCS and ICLCJ.

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The Slung Stone called the Truth, and its Consequences: Living in a post-Goliath World


13 April, 2014
by Kevin D. Annett
Field Secretary of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)

“At least 50,000 aboriginal children died in the residential schools between 1896 and 1973, according to the government’s own documented mortality rates …” – First press release of Kevin Annett announcing the publication of his book “Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust” on February 1, 2000

“The death records of tens of thousands of First Nations children who died during the time residential schools were operating in Canada have been handed over to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Several provincial governments gave up the records to the commission …” – West Coast Native News, March 30, 2014 (

Then David chose some smooth stones and put them in his bag, and he held his sling in readiness as he drew near to Goliath … – 1 Samuel 17:40

The Killing Stone called the Truth

I definitely know the score now. But even as the Goliath of Rome and London is staggering from the blow and is going down, some lingering stupid part of me still finds it not quite believable that the miracle has happened, and the battle is won. Even in victory, our minds linger in the past.

And so that odd part of me found it strange last week that no reporters were calling me up to ask me how I felt for being right, all this time; or that the United Church of Canada wasn’t banging on my door with a formal “We’re sorry!” for needlessly destroying my life over something that was actually true: their own murder of little brown kids.

Well of course they’re not phoning, you dummy! I said to stupid me. They’re fleeing for their lives!

Those Philistines in Church and State are not the issue any more, after all; especially now that they’re in head long retreat after the fall of their Goliath-like Lie, as they spread the distractions and politically correct rhetoric they need to cover their withdrawal. But in their wake, the rest of you now have to decide how you’re going to live in the great void and brilliant light left by their absence.

I met an insider today who worked for decades as a senior RCMP official. He told me that every Mountie in Canada has been told that “under no circumstances” are they to harrass or engage or even question me. Why? Because of the recent Stand Down Order that our Common Law Court issued to every agent of the English Crown, after the latter was found guilty of Genocide last year. The Mounties are, in short, afraid of that Order, because, to quote the official,

“We all know what we did”.

The news from Rome is even more revealing. Apparently even the Mafia isn’t using the Vatican Bank to launder their drug money anymore since “even the blind can see that the Church is on its knees, and not in prayer”, to quote an Italian Senator. And apparently, two more prominent Cardinals connected to the Bank are about to throw in the towel.

All of that looks to me like a Titan named Goliath lying prone in the dust, waiting only for one who is bold enough to slice off his head with his own sword.

That blow is coming, but first I want to share what really brought the Beast down.

I just turned fifty eight in February, and my hips don’t work so well these days, which comes from having to walk everywhere with my weighty bags of documents. It wasn’t so twenty two years ago, when I still had a driver’s license and a salary, and when I first heard about the Port Alberni Killing Fields as a young United Church clergyman there.

The particularly incurable kind of war weariness that comes from having fought for so long hadn’t taken hold of me back then. I was as blind as the rest of you in those days, and in that way, quite happy. And a lot of my Indian friends were still breathing then, too: folks who you’ll never hear about except through me, who knew all about the murdered children, and had even helped bury them. But those friends of mine are dead now too. All of them.

Ricky Lavallee was one of them: he with his two stringed guitar and wry grin who always bummed the same two bucks off me for pizza before setting out with a few other survivors and me to create a nuisance on Sundays in the downtown Vancouver churches that hated the sight of us and what we knew of their filth. Ricky and six of us once stopped all the traffic along Georgia street with our banner that cried, “All the Children Need a Proper Burial”, and he was smiling the entire time.

Last year, somebody whacked Ricky in the chest so hard he died shortly after he spoke publicly about seeing another one of our buddies, Bingo Dawson, get beaten by Vancouver cops so badly that he died, too. But since Bingo “officially” expired from “alcohol poisoning” … well, Ricky quickly became just another inconvenient eyewitness.

Pictures of Ricky Lavallee and Bingo Dawson should hang in every classroom in our new, burgeoning Republic of Kanata, for they, and other fallen heroes, were the force that propelled the stone that brought the criminals down.

… and its Consequences

Well wishers who routinely urge me to “Be Safe” these days really haven’t caught up with events. It’s the bad guys who like to pretend they’re in charge who have to watch their collective ass nowadays, not me, because, like the Mountie said, they know what they’ve done.

As a homeless firebrand in Galilee used to say all the time, the kingdom of heaven is everywhere on earth, yet people do not see it. That about sums up our situation now, in the wake of the legal and soon to be spiritual disestablishment of the Vatican and the Crown of England, and all of the countries and corporations they’ve spawned. We are free to remake the world and ourselves now, but only if we stop seeing and believing the illusions spun in our head by fictitious entities, starting with the so-called courts and governments and churches that can seem so real.

A new friend of mine in the Canadian midwest is a farmer and a hell of an expert on the common law. He puts things this way,
“There was once only the Natural Law governing men and women, the de jure law of God, of equality and peace. But then de facto legal power subverted lawful power, and the de facto force was the unlawful power of self-appointed kings and popes who ruled arbitrarily and not from the natural law. But then Magna Carta came along to restore Natural Law to mankind, yet once again, the de facto power has chipped away at that until justice is effectively abolished in all the so-called courts.

“Today, there are no more de jure courts or governments anywhere: they’re all private contractors for the corporations that run our world. So we are now abolishing those de facto corporate powers with Magna Carta once more, through the common law courts. But this time, the see saw battle has to end. The People have to finally reclaim the law and the earth if they’re to have a future.”

Fine, so many of you awakening people are responding. But HOW?
Our work is showing all of you not only the why but the how of displacing criminal institutions, and not simply by exposing the crimes. For the past year, we have formed training workshops to teach people the common law and deputize them to be the sheriffs and peace officers and jury members who will replace the corrupt, private commercial courts of today. And starting in May, groups around the world will be systematically enforcing the Stand Down Orders issued against the existing criminal authorities, whether they be cops, priests, judges, politicians or popes.

And to give things a really nice push at the higher levels, during the upcoming Easter weekend of April 18-20, we will be spiritually converging on Rome to nullify the authority and rule of the Vatican and the entity that controls it.

The sword is lifted to finally sever Goliath’s head, O people. The problem isn’t the lack of a blade, but the cowardice and conditioning of the mass of people. And that’s why it’s only the remnant of called out warriors who will be able to create the example and spark the enlightenment that will rally the millions who can reshape our world. And so the clarity and will of that Remnant is now the decisive issue.
The consequences of a well aimed death blow: you’ve got to love them! So prove to yourself, to God, and to our descendents, that you are worthy of the freedom that you have been given now by the blood and the sacrifice of a few of us.


Trans Pacific Partership Alert – Radio Warrior

March 12, 2014
Your host Joshua JD Lemmens

Our Radio Warrior Show had a panel of guests discussing the secret and covert operations of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Doctor Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese well known American Activist’s and professionals in their fields spoke on the actions citizens should take to stop the fast tracking of the TPP, also explaining what the TPP is and its implications if ratified. Barbara Berger from the Comox chapter of Council for Canadians was on the panel as well as Brenda Sayers from Hupacasath First Nation who successfully challenged the China FIPPA agreement with the Canadian Government.

This agreement if ratified will put the corporate elite in power, also giving many corporations status as counties with little or no say to the citizens of the world, throwing them into a status no less than slaves. The TPP is a private closed session agreement not like any trade agreement you will ever see. Why is this agreement made under the cloak of secrecy and not public as it affects us all. We must demand a public acountability from our representatives as we put them in public office to represent us. Call Ed Fasts office in Canada, call your representative to find out more information and make them accountable.

click on the icon to sign petition that the Canadian government opt out of the TPP

click on the icon to sign petition that the Canadian government opt out of the TPP

Sign this petition and share it to all your Facebook, twitter and email contacts:

Listen to what Doctors without borders are saying about how this will effect the use of medication in the countries who are involved with the TPP

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The Council of Canadian have several articles you may wish to read on the Trans Pacific Partnership

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Click on this icon to read articles on the TPP